Episode 24

Published on:

20th Jun 2024

Two Way Communication with God - Still Small Voice & Audible Voice

#24: This is the second episode in a series we started with episode 23 on hearing God’s voice.

Knowing your purpose and how to hear God’s voice are the two most popular questions believers have in their faith journey. You can experience both and when you listen to God’s voice, you discover more of who he made you to be and bonus, you start to understand your purpose.

On today’s episode we are going to explore two of the ways we can hear God’s voice, the still small voice and when God speaks out loud. I thought it would be fun to cover these together since one is a small voice and the other is an audible voice, which for some you might imagine God’s voice as a booming, thunderous voice. But is it?

Key Take-Aways:

  • 2:56 - The Still Small Voice
  • 11:42 - Why you might not hear from God
  • 15:59 - The Audible Voice of God
  • 21:52 - Spiritual Perception


Heavenly Position Guidance Challenge:

For this week’s Heavenly Position System Challenge, take our your journals and find a quiet place if possible. For the next 15 minutes, take some time to communicate with God. This is a chance to sit in stillness and practice. Write down on your page, God do you love me? Now just start writing what you hear. Keep writing, don’t censor yourself or overthink it.

Now when you are done, you can either go back and read what you just wrote or you can save it and revisit it later. I know for me a lot of times, I go back the next day and read what I wrote and I’m always amazed.

Let me know how this exercise goes for you. Be sure to reply to the weekly emails to let me know. I want to support you in anyway I can.

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Donna $10
I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to listening and spending more quality time with God.
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Angee Robertson

The summer of my senior year in high school, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. As I approached my twenties, I was wondering what my purpose was and what I should be doing. As I entered my 30s, I felt as if God was calling me to entrepreneurship and started my own company.

After a few years of running my company, I started searching again for my purpose. I was working 7 days a week, 15-hours a day. I started questioning, "is this all there is?" I felt like I had missed the secret to life. Little did I know, I had.

After over a decade of running my company at the same pace and with two failed pregnancies, I hit my knees and begged God to help. I knew along the way I had left Him out of the equation of my life.

God did send me someone an amazing mentor who taught me how to operate my business by God's grace rather than my grind. In fact, I could operate every area of my life this way. One key was by co-partnering with God.

It was during this time I learned to tap in to the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in followers of Christ. This was the missing secret to life I had been searching for all those years. Now with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I can experience His fruits, love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, patience and self-control.

God has called me to share my experience with others so they can tap in to this same resource in every area of life. Join me each week on Spirit Led Life as we explore tapping in to the power of the Holy Spirit residing in followers of Christ.